Processing / EQ / EFX - Detail


Management - Effects - Monitor

Speaker Management: For Most Applications

For most applications the main speaker system is managed and controlled with a DBX DriveRack PA Processor (intelligent speaker management system that controls Graphic EQ, Compression, Sub-Harmonics, Crossover configurations, Multiband Parametric EQ, Output Limiters and Alignment Delay).


 The DriveRack also has the ability to perform "Auto EQ with RTA" by using the built in "Pink Noise Generator" in conjunction w/special RTA mic. This gives us the ability to store room EQ curves for various venues for future reference.



Sound enrichment is done with a balanced two channel BBE Sonic Maximizer (to phase correct low/high program material with relation to time). 



The program Effects are Lexicon MX200 (dual effects processor).



• We use a Multicom 4600 (4ch comp/limit/expan/gate) for general use.

 There are two (2) Multigate Pro XR4400 (8 channels of gates used typically for percussion).


Monitor EQ:

There are two (2) UltraGraph FBQ3102 (31 band EQ) 4 channels total (one channel for each monitor send).

 Also two (2) Feedback destroyer Pro DSP1124P stereo units. One (1) channel for each of four (4) monitor sends).

 There is an additional Multicom 4600 used for the Monitor System (one (1) channel each for four (4) monitor sends).



There are an additional eight (8) balanced phantom-powered channels of Direct-Injection (DI) for on-stage use.

For larger applications we have access to the following:


 1 DBX DriveRack PA Processor
 1 DBX X-Over (DBX 223 XL)
 1 BBE 882i Sonic Maximizer
 1 Peavey EQ with FLS (231F)
 2 Alesis EQ  (DEQ 230, 230D)
 1 DBX EQ (2231)
 2 UltraGraph FBQ3102
 1 Presonus ACP 88 Compressor Gate
 2 Alesis Compressor with Gates (3630)
 2 DBX Compressor/Limiter (262)
 1 Aphex  Compressor  (260A)
 1 DBX Compressor (266XL)
 2 Multicom 4600 (4ch comp/limit/expan/gate)
 2 Multigate Pro XR4400 (8 channels of gates)
 2 Pro DSP1124P (feedback destroyer)



All rack mountable units are mounted in rolling Road Cases with Furman Power Conditioning and metering also complete w/rack lights.