Microphones Detail


Microphones: For typical use we use a mix of EV 767a, Sennheiser 835, Sennheiser 945, Shure Beta 58A, Shure SM58-LCs, Sennheiser E609 (guitar cab mics). Digital Reference DR2602, VocoPro UHF-5800 (4-ch. wireless r/m)wireless mics. Shure-PG56 Drum four (4), CAD Pro-7 seven (7) piece drum mic kit. We also have several condenser mics of various types for more difficult instruments to mic, like acoustic instruments. All mics are supported with On-Stage boom mic stands with high quality mic clips.

For an even larger selection for use on larger applications we have access to the following:

 1 EV 767a

 3 Sennheiser 835

 1 Sennheiser 945

 2 Shure Beta58A 
 3 Shure SM58

 4 Shure PG-56
 2 Audix F10,F12,OM3 
 7 CAD Pro 7
 4 Sennheiser E609
 2 MXL603S
 1 MXL 604
 1 MXL 990
 1 Audio Technica Pro 24 (stereo)
 15 Nady SP-5
 2 Samson S12 
 3 AT condensers
 1 Shure Kick Drum Mic (Beta 52A) 
 5 Shure Tom & Snare Mics (SM57) 
 2 Sennheiser E835
 1 VocoPro UHF-5800 (4-ch. wireless r/m)
 1 Digital Reference DR2602